ramadan mubarak advent calendar

1 min readMar 8, 2024


ramadan mubarak advent calendar begets oxymoronic gawking in a tesco.

we’re beyond the pale. shut down the gentrified flea markets under the motorway.

walk down a high street, sun is out, people are eating “al fresco”.

caffe nero macchiato cups, my lament for today.

we’ve made it. it’s the big time. an entire supermarket aisle.

railway bridge conflict next to a new independent bakery.

see someone skating in carhartt jeans with a blu-ray of beguiled.

rejoice at the court sentencing’s unabashed fakery.

everything is an up-and-coming area for estate agents. they have carte blanche.

they are the intrepid explorers, foraging culture and nice pubs from such meagre surroundings.

four thirty-five pm, look at the clock, cut out of that sweet, sweet hmo one more tranche.

bonus received, joy of joys! praise and plaudits abounding.

do i have the right to say this? where i live is “in demand.”

ramadan mubarak advent calender begets oxymoronic gawking, my only command.