modern life is rubbish

3 min readMar 22, 2023

until i think for a better title, enjoy some blur

i remain in a state of perpetual annoyance. this whole ‘blog’ {i guess? i think blog is a bit too archaic though, and i don’t take kindly to titling this under a different name, for fear of self-aggrandising a teensy bit too much} is borne out of this annoyance. usually, an article of mine is composed bya meta-theatrical self-interrogation of why i feel annoyed at something menial, and why i feel bad for being annoyed. alas, with spring descending from the heavens and blessing my face with the radiance of a thousand suns, i lose all my inspiration to write, because my annoyance goes away with a haste of a retreating roman legion. through all of my indie-pop relationship montages, however, the one thing i can count on, always, to be ticked off about are the festering machinations of 21st century british life. nothing works anymore! it really doesn’t!

if i think about it a little too hard, i veer into an existential depression, but the fine line i straddle provides a strange mercy to me. i find a sense of joyful clemency in the fact that, nothing works anymore!

it is a convenient excuse for every inner mechanism of my life. those who know me will probably think of my endless sisyphean struggle against buses. {perhaps bold of me to assume that anyone reading this is a stranger. i have little to no outward reach!}

i try very hard not to be all doomerist because it is a very silly ideology for very silly people, but i think it is always good to take a minute and revel in the fact that nothing works anymore!!

the state has failed! electoral politics is dead in a ditch {author’s note: i have a treatise on this coming so soon but i am a very lazy writer so wait another year for this}. few things in life ever seem to get better but.. who cares?

things like this are silly to think about too often. life is weird, a bit garbage, but at least you can hold your flag high and think something along the lines of ‘it wasn’t my fault!’

right? i mean, i assume that that is what i am meant to take away from this little article. a blend of healthy cynicism and dead-behind-the-eyes optimism is what i try to project to general society.

i made a pledge to myself- pledging something sounds silly but i think this is a good practice to institute. self-improvement is boring and cringe, but the inverse is also boring and cringe. do it!!- this blog would not become a facile place for me to etch my thoughts into eternity, without something to take away from it. as such, i refuse to let my optimism remain wholly dead-behind-the-eyes. there should be a semblance of life in it.

from this, i offer a different solution: be thoughtful! be nice to a person in the road! be either passive, or aggressive to someone who you don’t really like but cant discern why. people are silly! nothing works anymore! ignore everything annoying {author’s note: this does include me but we can move on from that fact} and focus on everything nice. post that picture you like to your story. i will ensure to ritualistically like every one of these i see. dont see why not!