1 min readJan 18, 2024

king charles is going to get surgery
on his abnormally large prostate.
i am jubilant at being freed from my purgatory
where i can finally know his sordid fate
there is nothing more going on in the world
not to me, at least. i am transfixed on menial
health issues of our monarch because...
what else is there to transfix on?
nothing else is ever said, nothing more ever written
except about charles' abnormally large prostate.
what else can i care about?
to think about thinking about thinking
is not for times where our wonderful king
is addled with an abnormally large prostate.
indeed, i lay prostrate at the many notifications
and widespread coverage of royal health issues.
what else am i meant to do with my life?
the wool has been pulled over my eyes,
forcing unimportant news of death
and destruction, and climate change
and the unerring nature of capital, or whatever else
into my corporeal form. i don’t need that.
what i need is to know about king charles'
abnormally large prostate. it is my moral duty
to care about this extremely important fact.
i am deputised into doing. being? so invested.
but i am contented with focusing myself on
nothing else but news of king charles'
Abnormally Large Prostate.